Your passport is your most essential travel document. You will need it when leaving and re-entering India and as you enter any other country. You will also need it to order traveller’s cheques and some countries require you to carry it at all times as identification.

It is important that your passport is not damaged and has sufficient pages for any required visas and/or entry stamps gained en route. Certain countries require that visitor’s passports be valid for a set period beyond their intended length of stay. We suggest that your passport be valid for a minimum of six months beyond your intended journey.


Before travelling abroad, you should check whether the countries you are travelling to require you to have a visa for travel, even if you are only visiting them through transit. If you don’t have the necessary travel visas, you may be refused boarding of your flight or, worse, you could be refused entry on your arrival and be deported.

It may look as a small process but for all you know it is the most crucial role in ensuring travel of any form (Tourist/Business) outside India.our visa team is equipped with knowledge of the documentation process for obtaining visa to every country and we take full pride in having the least rejection cases which is our strength.

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